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How to join the BBC Affiliate Program



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Please complete the steps below to get started

After you’ve created your account you will have access to everything you need to start promoting the BBC Opportunity!

Create your Affiliate account following the steps below:

Click on the following link: (BBC Affiliate Registration) which will take you to our affiliate registration page.

Your Personal Affiliate Dashboard

Your dashboard will allow you to track your earnings in real time!

Once you’ve completed your affiliate registration you will be able to login to your personal dashboard by clicking the following link (Affiliate Dashboard).

Tools: Custom Swipe Copy and Banners

We provide you with all the tools you need to help assist you with your Personal Success!

  1. Your Personal Links and Identifiers for promoting the BBC Membership, Products and Services.
  2.  We also provide you with pre-designed promotional banners that can be used on your websites or blogs, your promotional banners already have your personal links embedded in the code.

Personal BBC Wallet to monitor and withdraw your earnings!

You get everything you need to start earning money Today!

Once you’ve accessed your affiliate dashboard and your BBC Membership Application has been approved and accepted you will receive a calendar invite to join in on one of our training sessions. 
It is very important that you have a through understanding of the entire BBC Membership/Affiliate process to help ensure your success we look forward to seeing you in one of our training sessions soon.
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Please Provide Your Social Media Links For Your BBC Promo App.
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