BBC Beta Information

The Black Business Coalition is overly excited to announce the launch of the beta version of our website.  It’s the result of hundreds of hours of hard work to ensure the best possible experience for anyone searching for businesses that support minority economic development.

What is a 'beta' release/version

The word ‘beta’ refers to a stage in the software development process. When developers begin any new project, it will typically go through one or more stages of development, namely ‘alpha’, ‘beta’, and finally ‘stable’. Alpha releases are when developers test websites and software internally before releasing the first version to the public; the beta version. While the project is in ‘beta’ release it’s a chance for developers to iron out any public-facing problems (known in the industry as ‘bugs’) and solicit feedback from those using the website/software (that’s you) before finally releasing the project as ‘stable’.

Something is missing or isn't working!

Don’t worry, in all likeliness we will know about the issue and we will be working hard in the background to fix minor issues that will lead up to our final stable release. In the meantime, if you spot anything you think is an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll address it as soon as we can.

An altogether better experience

Lot’s has changed since we last updated our website. Together with our web developers and the businesses that support “Minority Economic Development” we have completely re-imagined the promotion of minority owned businesses and how to help those businesses expand their footprint on and off the web to create a better user experience for both business owners and consumers.  We’ve used the latest development techniques and standards to create an easy-to-use yet comprehensive “Business Listing and Cashback website we think you’ll love. Opportunities for businesses and consumers are now updated live so you can be sure you’re viewing the very latest prices and details. We’ve streamlined our codebase to make everything super-fast too. Regardless of your internet connection speed, device, or platform, the new BBC website will always be a pleasure to use, and fast!

Your feedback

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new website. “Contact Us” with any feedback you’d like to share. 

Start or Grow A Business...

If you’re a business owner that has products and services that you’re currently selling on the internet or have a business idea that you’ve been considering but don’t know where to start the services below are for you!

What You Get

What you Get!!!

What you Get!!!

What you Get!!!